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DeWalden & Thomson & Morgan Donations

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Grateful thanks to DeWaldens for a donation of seeds and other growing items including 5 bags of compost and for arranging a donation from Thomson and Morgan for seeds to the value of £60 – a combined total of nearly £100.
These will be used on visits to the site by various children’s groups over the coming year and at Barassie Primary Empty Classroom Day and Summer Fayre. We will also donate some seeds and bags of compost to Symington Nursery and Community Learning and Development who have recently acquired a plot on the site.

Annual General Meeting May 2017 Agenda

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

The 9th AGM on Thursday 11th May 2017 at Ivy Cottage, Troon at 7.30pm


1. Welcome from Chair

2. Apologies

3. Minutes from 8th AGM

4. Review of Year at Site

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Committee Elections

7. Break for Tea and Coffee

8. Annual Show

9. Plot Fees

Next AGM May 2018

Annual General Meeting 11 May 2017

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

The above will take place in Ivy Cottage at 1930 on 11th May 2017.
There are 2 office bearer posts becoming vacant at the AGM. That of chair, and secretary.
If you wish to be nominated for any of these posts on the committee, please email to express your interest.
Should more than 1 person be nominated for any position, a vote will be held at the AGM.

If you have any items that you wish raised at the AGM, please email with the details.

Annual Reports and Accounts 2015-2016

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Trustees Annual Report 2015-2016 draft final

TAS Accounts 2015-2016 FINAL

Oscr Independent Examiner’s Report 2015-2016 final

TAS Inventory of Assets final 2015-2016


Working Parties on Saturdays

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Volunteers are required to assist with nettle clearing on the periphery of the site for an hour commencing 1045 on Saturdays – over the last two Saturdays some progress has already been made.  Next event Saturday 24th October 2015.  (Gavin C Barrie organising).

EGM 10 Sep 2015

Monday, August 17th, 2015

To all members.


An Extraordinary General meeting will be held on 10/09/2015 at 7.30pm at Ivy Cottage, South Beach, Troon.

As a result of the Committee’s meetings with South Ayrshire Council we have now come to the stage where we need to call an Extraordinary Membership Meeting as described in the Constitution of Troon Allotment Society (Alterations to the Constitution ). This is for several reasons.

1. We are now in a position where SAC are prepared to hand over the running of Troon Allotment Society to the membership. In the past, when this was proposed by the Committee, the council quoted a £500 charge to change the lease. This was rejected by the Committee. The council are now prepared to forgo that charge. 2. South Ayrshire are also willing to renew the lease of the site which is due to expire in 2017. This would extend the lease for ten years. These changes would necessitate a change in the Constitution and will require at least a 60% vote in favour of the alterations before they can take place.

There are also other matters, which do not involve a change in the constitution but the Committee feel that they are important and equally that the should involve the entire membership.

We are now in a position to purchase two containers to be situated on the Allotment site. One would be used to store bulk purchases that would be for sale onto members.The other would be converted into a shelter for plot holders in inclement weather, making tea or any other purpose not yet thought of.

Unfortunately SAC’s position regarding huts remains unaltered. Huts would only be allowed on the periphery of the site and WOULD require planning permission from the council. However, Polytunnels ARE now allowed on plots! The Committee are recommending a maximum size of 6 metres by 3 metres and that they are situated in the South East of your plot. Plot holders will also have to take responsibility for the safety and liability involving the polytunnels . These are obviously important changes and we would urge all members to attend the meeting at Ivy Cottage on the 10/09/2015 at 7.30. Drew Hall TAS Secretary. August 17th 2015.


Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Troon Allotment Society
Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 4th April
Between 1100 and 1300

Open to all children and Grandchildren of plot holders

Thanks to everyone who came to our Easter egg hunt today, it was a great success.

Thanks to Nadia Gardiner, Gavin and Isobel Barrie, Bill and Helene Rowell, Duncan and June Malcolm, Nicole Jefford, Elizabeth Hannah and Sainsburys, Irvine for the generous donations, this allowed us to have the hunt without any cost to the society.

Thanks also to Nadia Gardiner for helping set up and help during the hunt

Susan Brown



Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

As most members will be aware TAS started a Facebook in August 2014 – this is a closed group for members and family and we would urge all plot holders to join the group as it has resulted in a significant improvement in communications between the Committee and the Members.  For those who have reservations about Facebook the answer is not to indulge in Friends request and to use a username and provide the personal minimum of information – you can set up a separate email address such as gmail or Hotmail.  Search for Troon Allotment Society on Facebook.

2015 AGM

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Troon Allotment Society – AGM To be held on Thursday 14th May 2015 at Ivy Cottage, South Beach Road, Troon Time :-  7.30pm Ivy Cottage is situated next to The Walker Halls on the shore front in Troon There is a car park on the left of the venue. All members are cordially invited to attend.   Coffee/tea and biscuits will be provided

Work Party 24th March

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

**Member volunteers urgently required.**

Working Party arranged for Sunday 24th March 2013 at 10.15a.m. 

1. Repair periphery fence

2. Clearing of debris from grass where its cut using tractor mower

3. Planting of hedging adjacent to fence

4. Erection of pallets for Communal Composting Area.

Hope you are able to give us 1 or 2 hours of your time on Sunday 24th.

Thank you

Management Committee.