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Thursday, June 17th, 2010

One of the committee members has come across a netting material that may offer a solution to keeping the rabbits and squirrels away from our veggies that doesn’t involve chicken wire, fences or electricity!

Wondermesh is a product manufactured in Aberdeenshire that is used by many commercial, large scale market garden companies. The mesh comes in a variety of thicknesses and strengths but is claimed to be rabbit and squirrel proof and have a 10 year guarantee with it.

It’s not as cheap as normal garden netting but if it lasts ten years and does what they promise then it may be a good investment in the long term.

More info is available on the Wondermesh website.

Contribute to the TAS website

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The TAS website is not just for the committee to use to send out notice of work parties, rule changes, fees due etc but should be an opportunity for all the members to communicate with each other.

If you would like to submit a post on the website please visit the ‘Contribute‘ page.

This could be:

  • opinion
  • tips and advice for other plotholders
  • suggestions
  • information on bargains, sales, discount codes etc
  • photos
  • your successes and failures this year

All posts will be moderated before being published but I will try and do this as promptly as possible – normally within 48hrs of receiving the message.

Weed Control

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

We have reached the time of year when everything really starts to take of and grow at a fantastic rate – unfortunately this also applies to weeds!

For the benefit of all the plotholders it is vital that weeds are kept to a minimum and as much as possible not allowed to go to seed. To ensure this we need to all work together to make sure that:

– our plots are worked and kept as weed free as possible

– our paths are kept well maintained and the grass cut regularly (cut paths to the North and East of your plot)

– the areas between the plots and the boundaries are maintained (hence the regular need for work parties)

If we can all do our best to keep the weeds under control we’ll have less to deal with as the summer goes on.


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I’m sure all the plotholders will be delighted to hear that the boring was a success and not only was water found but a good amount of it as well. This means that when it comes to filling the tank it should be a fairly quick process.

The quality of the water has also been assessed and found to be more than adequate for use on allotments.

We are now awaiting delivery of the tank and handpumps and then the subsequent installation of both.

However once these are in we will still be missing one vital component – a means to power the main pump located 60m down the borehole! The committee are investigating the possibility of renting/leasing a generator to overcome this obstacle – but if anybody knows where we can beg or borrow a 5kva generator then please let a committee member know.

In the longer term there are various grant applications that are being submitted which would hopefully allow the group to purchase a new generator and/or look at the option of installing photovoltaic panels and battery packs.

Work party Sunday 20th June

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Work party – Sunday 20th June, 12-2pm.

As many helpers as possible are needed for a work party:-

– create a level area for the siting of the storage container
– to block up the rabbit holes behind the remains of the large tree stump on your left as you enter the allotments.
– The BCTV have also announced their intention to vacate their plot from the 18th June and the large gravel area in the centre of their plot needs to be lifted. The plan is to use the gravel for both of the above tasks – perhaps ‘killing 2 rabbits with one stone’!
– Continue to clear the areas surrounding the plots (between the boundary fence and the plots) in an attempt to keep the weeds and vermin under control on the plots

The more people we have the less time it will take – and it’s for the benefit of all the plot holders!

Troon Allotment Society Website

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Welcome to the new Troon Allotment Society news blog.

The aim of the website/blog is to keep all the plotholders up to date with happenings around the allotments. The committee will use the website to post updates, news and reports but we are also looking for members to contribute to the site as well.

If you have suggestions or ideas for the website please contact Alex Meldrum