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Summer Success Stories?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

As we approach the end of the summer we can all start to take stock of what has been successful this season, what has been less successful and what has been an unmitigated disaster!

For us on 28b we had great success with courgette and squash – seems the rabbits don’t like the ‘prickly’ surface of those plants. Beans and peas did well – although only after we rabbit proofed them to the best of our ability.

Falling into the ‘disaster’ group were our brassicas which were decimated overnight by a band of hungry rabbits or squirrels. Despite thoroughly netting the patch it didn’t deter them and they just ate holes in the net as well as the cabbages!

One surprise find was that the rabbits seemed to prefer green ‘green beans’ and steadfastly ignored the purple varieties that we had planted alongside them!

Let us know what has worked for you – or not as the case may be.

Seed Sales

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

A plot holder and her husband have just emailed in to say that they were in Wilkinsons in Irvine recently and at the cash desk they had boxes with packets of seed for 10p each. The dates are all OK as they were dated for next year or even the year after.

Not sure how long they will last but at that sort of price they are definitely a bargain.

If you spot any other bargains drop us an email and we can share with everybody else.