I’m sure all the plotholders will be delighted to hear that the boring was a success and not only was water found but a good amount of it as well. This means that when it comes to filling the tank it should be a fairly quick process.

The quality of the water has also been assessed and found to be more than adequate for use on allotments.

We are now awaiting delivery of the tank and handpumps and then the subsequent installation of both.

However once these are in we will still be missing one vital component – a means to power the main pump located 60m down the borehole! The committee are investigating the possibility of renting/leasing a generator to overcome this obstacle – but if anybody knows where we can beg or borrow a 5kva generator then please let a committee member know.

In the longer term there are various grant applications that are being submitted which would hopefully allow the group to purchase a new generator and/or look at the option of installing photovoltaic panels and battery packs.

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