Perimeter Fence

You may have noticed the many new notices that have been placed around the allotment site with reference to the dumping of allotment debris along the perimeter fence.     This practice must STOP because the weight of the debris is severely damaging the fence.

The society paid for the fence to be erected and cannot afford to have this repaired.

We have also had to clear the debris left in the Communal Composting area, much of this was inappropriate i.e. – carpets, old seed potatoes, large sods of weeds etc.  These will not compost down.   On the Notice Board you will find a recipe for good composting.

The removal of the debris has cost your society approximately £300 to date.

Many of your weeds can be buried on your plot to the benefit of your crops.   Dig a deep trench or hole two spades deep and bury the weeds.

Any member found dumping along the fence will be asked to remove it; the outcome could be if the member continues to dump along the fence, them being asked to resign.

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