Site Maintenance

Maintenance of Whole Site.

Your Management Committee along with a very few volunteers give up their time for the benefit of the site as a whole.    This is not a duty of the Management Committee alone.

If members wish to maintain the present standard of the allotment site then members must be prepared to put in some time helping with maintenance and development.       If every one helps it takes the burden from the committee and the few very willing volunteers.

1. Planting of hedging along the Isle of Pins Road 2012

Approximately 400 young bush plants have been planted around the periphery. we must control the weeds between these bushes to enable them to prosper.

We have another 300 young bushes to plant.

2.   The digger you may have seen few evenings ago is unable to work between the close set trees along the North tree line, or between the hedge bushes planted along the West Isle of Pin perimeter fence.     Volunteers will be needed to manually remove the dumped rubbish at these locations.

3. Clearing the site of rubbish either blown in by the wind or left by members.

4. Keeping the communal areas free of stones, branches etc that will damage the blades of our mower, replacement blades would be expensive.

5. The committee was dismayed to find dumped steel cloth poles at the east perimeter of the site.   Unfortunately they were seen during a recent SAC inspection.   They must be removed.

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