Work party Sunday 20th June

Work party – Sunday 20th June, 12-2pm.

As many helpers as possible are needed for a work party:-

– create a level area for the siting of the storage container
– to block up the rabbit holes behind the remains of the large tree stump on your left as you enter the allotments.
– The BCTV have also announced their intention to vacate their plot from the 18th June and the large gravel area in the centre of their plot needs to be lifted. The plan is to use the gravel for both of the above tasks – perhaps ‘killing 2 rabbits with one stone’!
– Continue to clear the areas surrounding the plots (between the boundary fence and the plots) in an attempt to keep the weeds and vermin under control on the plots

The more people we have the less time it will take – and it’s for the benefit of all the plot holders!

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