Plot Inspections 10 June 2011

1) We have contacted South Ayrshire Council about the fact the following plots are still not being used ;- 31b,30b,51a,51b,9b,23a,19a,18b,15b,12b.

We do realise how frustrating it is that we have a long waiting list and these plots are empty and about to seed everywhere. It is out of the hands of the committee to allocate plots – South Ayrshire does this. However, one of the reasons we are being more pro-active this year in doing plot inspections is to provide proof to South Ayrshire. South Ayrshire also did their own plot inspection in April.

2) We would refer the following plots to the rules and regulations that were signed stating that the plots will be properly worked.

We have a substantial waiting list and these plots now have unworked areas with high weeds that will shortly seed. Plots 45,32a,31a,5a,12a,11a,17a,17b,21b,24b,14a.

3) All the above plots and also 2c and 2d have areas of unacceptable high weeds next to paths / onto paths that will shortly seed into surrounding plots.

4) Plants should not grow over paths or overshadow other plots.

22a will need to move raspberry canes this autumn or next spring please.

5) Plots where posts or netting are right up to path and not following the half height rule.


6)More covers on canes please as they are near the edge of the plot.

47A – only one but right by path, 30a, 24b.

7) We would remind plot holders that wire netting of any kind can only be used in a “cloche” type situation with the netting being in a semi sphere shape into the ground. This is NOT the committee that decided this but South Ayrshire. Initially South Ayrshire banned all wire netting from the site – but due to rabbits, mice etc let us use it for cloches only. This applies to wire netting that is well inside the plot.

4 plot holders will shortly receive letters on this.

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